Member Registration

Note and Instructions to Employers
The purpose of this form is to enable SINPF to register you or your business and to ascertaion:

  • Your full postal and email address to be used in future correspondence
  • The number of employees not registed as members of the Fund for whom registration is required
If wages are not calculated centrally please state whether separate registration of other branches is required, the following advice is given:
  • SINPF will send any queries to the contact details submitted at registration - it is best to separately register any branch which has full authority in payment matters
  • However, if wages are calculated at an employers headquarters and the local branches merely pay out the amounts centrally authorised, it may be better to centralise both the calculation and the payment of the contributions too - unless branches hold full information and authority to answer queries from SINPF
You will be allocated a reference number which will be used in future correspondence and printed on forms provided for your use.

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